AARP Home-buying Program.

AARP Home-buying Program

Partnership Programs


Our brand preference was among young families.  However, the largest growing market segment was the aging baby boomers (average age of manufactured home buyers was 52.8, and the average age of Fleetwood homes was 43).  We needed to expose the brand to this growing market segment, gain their trust and demonstrate how our brand met their needs.


Negotiated and launched a unique program with AARP, whose high membership and partnership standards gave our brand increased credibility and exposure.  We delivered a compelling offer to create an emotional and logical link between AARP Members and our brand.  This special offer for AARP members included $500 in factory installed upgrades and a five-year home protection plan at no additional charge.  This offer was based on research showing that this segment desired the ability to customize their home and the security of a home protection plan.

About AARP

AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) had over 30 million members (set to double to 60 million by 2030), was the Nation’s largest organization of midlife and older persons, and was the nations most powerful lobby group.


Maximize advertising results through a targeted offer and placement.  Build brand awareness and affiliation among the 30 million target consumers.

Marketing Support

Print advertisements were placed in the September/October and the November/December issues of AARP’s Modern Maturity Magazine.  With a circulation of 21,000,000, it was the largest paid circulation magazine.  Promotional webpages and an 800# locator system were used to drive traffic and sales to participating retailers.


Increased brand reach and brand preference among AARP members.  The program provided a competitive advantage by providing a point of differentiation through this unique ability to advertise in Modern Maturity.  The offer could not be replicated because our brand was the only AARP approved manufacturer.


Drove $1.9M in revenue in the first 3 months.   Exposed the brand to this new target market.