Brand Architecture.

Brand Architecture



Propel the transformation of Hisense from an OEM to a leading world-class global brand.   Create a unique brand identity to be implemented globally at all points of customer contact.


The brand was relatively unknown in the global market.   It was being communicated differently across the world.  There was no brand architecture, nor was there consistent messaging across the products, or the markets.  Very few could articulate the brand’s points of differentiation or what the brand stood for.  We needed one voice…one clear brand message.


Studied the company, the markets, the customers, the products and the competitors.  Collected goals and impressions from each country (branch), leadership, agencies, key stakeholders and the marketing team.   This collected information became the basis of the brand architecture.   Once developed, the brand architecture was reviewed with leadership, the branches and all key stake-holders to reach agreement and ensure support.


Established the brand architecture globally.  Now we had a consistent brand message across the globe.  This was used as the foundation for all future brand communications.