Circle of Excellence.

Circle of Excellence

CSI, Rewards Program


Become the industry leader in customer satisfaction.  Increase the number of customers making repeat purchases and referrals.


Customer Satisfaction had not been a primary industry focus.  Instead, low cost was the primary focus.   To continue to grow the business, to elevate the brand and industry image and to drive brand preference, our team had to raise the standard in customer satisfaction.  At the time, sales were through independent retailers who controlled the selling, service and delivery process.  This meant that we needed a creative approach to impacting customer satisfaction.


Study CSI best practices in other industries.   Use these best practices as a guide to create a wold-class, industry leading CSI program.  Develop a compelling message and incentive for retailers to increase customer satisfaction.


The “Circle of Excellence” program, which measured and rewarded retailers for high standards in customer satisfaction was created.  The trophy was an 18” 18ct Gold Plated Statue that was presented to each winner in front of all their industry peers during our annual awards ceremonies.   A promotion kit was also supplied to each winner so they could publicize their CSI rating and accomplishments.  Additionally, high CSI ratings became a requirement for carrying the brand.

Program Description

To receive a Circle of Excellence award, a retailer must have achieved a predetermined Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) rating (it was raised 4 times since the program inception). CSI ratings were based on a minimum number of homebuyer surveys conducted by a national independent research firm.


The Circle of Excellence award became the “Oscar” of the industry.  It was the most sought after award for a retailer to earn.  Retailer CSI increased.  The company enjoyed an increase in repeat purchases and referrals and became the number-one preferred brand in the nation.