Global Brand Strategy Launch.

Global Brand Strategy Launch

Branding, Presentations

Current Situation

Hisense’s strategic direction was to transition from an OEM to a recognized global brand.  However, each country (branch) had been communicating the brand differently, which was causing market confusion.  Additionally, many of the communications still had an OEM feel.  This had been damaging our credibility regarding our commitment to change.


Clearly communicate our international brand strategy to gain excitement and support among our retailers, distributors and agencies globally.  Demonstrate that our brand was evolving and that we were committed to becoming a global world-class brand.


Utilized our Global Partner’s Conference as a platform to launch our new global brand strategy.  This conference included our top customers from around the world.  During the conference, we presented our brand direction and included presentations from countries who had strong brand recognition to demonstrate our brand’s power and to illustrate how their successes could be emulated.


Overwhelmingly positive responses from our top customers around the world.  They commented that they could now see a difference and that they felt confident in our new direction.  We gained global buy-in and support.  This improved our customer relations and set the stage for market acceptance of our new products.