Press Tour.

Press Tour

Public Relations


Generating positive media coverage and product reviews were a key component of our communications strategy.  Therefore, we needed to launch our brand and products to the media in a fashion that would get their attention and interest.  We worked with our agency of record, Definition Branding and Marketing, to develop and execute a successful event.

Press Tour Objectives

Secure media interest and coverage of our strategy and specific products.  Build long-term relationships with the media.  Highlight our technology and innovation capabilities.  Build anticipation for our CES showing.  Grow a pipeline of product reviews.


Generate positive media coverage to increase market awareness and interest.  Communicate our value proposition and market positioning:  Hisense provides products that are on the cutting-edge of originality, design, features and quality with true value-for-money pricing.  “Innovation meets Value.”


Displayed our TV lineup in a beautiful suite at the New York Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel.  The location was selected for its prestige and proximity to media.  We made it easy for members of the media to come and see our products in an intimate setting.

The process

As individual media arrived, we started the tour by giving them an overview of Hisense.  Then we guided them through the suite.  We talked about each product to illustrate our capabilities and showcased the actual products.  We provided a Hisense Branded USB to each attendee containing the following information:  Images of all the products shown, press releases on each of the products, past press releases from Hisense USA and detailed product spec sheets of the products shown.


27 attendees from 26 publications attended the event.  An estimated total of 2.17 million online impressions were made in the first 48 hours.  24 reviews of the Pulse product and 12 TV reviews were confirmed.