Tradeshow Booth

Sales Support, Tradeshows


The company direction was moving from an OEM to a recognized consumer brand.  Therefore, we needed to clearly demonstrate  that our brand had changed to gain market buy-in and acceptance.  The market needed to see the difference, and our job was to show them.  This meant that we needed to change the look and feel of all our communications to support our new brand direction.


CES is the world’s most recognized consumer electronics show.  This is the ideal place to launch new electronic brands, innovations, products, etc.  While the company had participated in the CES show previoiusly, the trade show booths in the past still had an OEM feel and did not connote an up and coming top tier electronics brand.  To truly announce our new brand direction, we needed to change the look of the booth.  We were working with a limited budget, so creative execution was essential.


A more impactful and entertaining booth.  To match the new brand architecture and draw attention to our booth, we made the colors very vivid.  We opened the booth up for easier touring and interaction.  We highlighted our new brand products.  We changed our messaging throughout.  Because we did not have the budget for lighting and the hall was very bright, we painted the booth to ensure the colors would jump out and draw attention.  We removed the “Since 1969” tagline and included our new tagline “life reimagined” to clearly illustrate our new positioning.


Overwhelmingly positive customer comments regarding our booth being one of the most attractive that year.  It jumped out as soon as visitors walked in the hall.  Our booth was shown in extensive CES media write-ups.  And, our sales teams closed deals on several key accounts.  Our new image was successfully launched.