Ultimate Entertainer Package.

Ultimate Entertainer Package



The “Ultimate Entertainer Package” Promotion was developed to intensify sales of the Entertainer® Home at retail.   During this promotional time period, homebuyers received a free “Ultimate Entertainer Package” when they purchased a new Fleetwood Entertainer® Home from a participating Fleetwood Homes retailer.

Strategic Platform

Only Fleetwood had the original “Entertainer® Home” and this special package for homebuyers.  This offer reinforced a direct emotional (entertainment package) and logical (good value packed with amenities) link between home shoppers and the brand.

Target Market

Family-oriented, blue-collar (and white-collar service), under age 45, less than $40k household income with prior manufactured housing experience.


Offered exclusively to Fleetwood Homes retailers who carried The Entertainer® Home and signed the agreement to offer this package free of charge to homebuyers.


Consumer research revealed that customers wanted entertainment packages with their home.  This promotion delivered what customer’s asked for.  In addition to the built-in 43” flat screen TV and DVD player, homebuyers received a 600- watt, six speaker surround sound system, flip- down TV, XBOX, a Gateway computer and 1 year free AOL. This “Ultimate Entertainer Package,” valued at over $2,000, was free to homebuyers.


Over 1,000 homes sold and $40M in incremental revenue.