Rewards Club.

Rewards Club

Rewards Program, Sales Support


Obtain direct access to the people selling on the front line and motivate them to sell our brand, take our training courses, access our extranet for information and leads, and participate in our programs.


Develop a retail salesperson performance management and positive reinforcement tool.

How it Worked

Awarded retail salespeople points for signing up on our extranet site, selling our products, taking training courses and other key performance drivers.  The points served as a unique currency to “spend” on travel and merchandise rewards.


2000 retail salesperson signups, drive desired behaviors, increase sales and program participation among independent retail salespeople.


Became a tie-breaker with our retail salespeople over selling the competition’s products.  It incentivized retail salespeople to take training courses and log into our extranet site.  Generated over 5000 sign-ups.  Fleetwood was finally able to communicate and offer training directly to the actual retail salespeople.