Sales Training Guide.

Sales Training Guide

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The company had just undergone a leadership change.   The new direction was a decentralized business model, which meant that our sales teams were about to experience significant organizational and procedural changes.  To ensure a smooth transition, and to maintain sales through the changes, we needed to develop easy-to-follow sales procedures and guidelines.


Create a comprehensive training guide to educate the sales teams on the new procedures and processes.  Educate the sales teams regarding best practices to develop their skills and increase sales.  Develop effective and consistent sales processes to be followed by all sales teams.


Collaborated with a cross-functional team consisting of sales, human resources, finance, accounting, service, engineering, research, manufacturing, quality assurance, design and select leadership members to develop world-class sales procedures.  We used the best practices from the top sales people and incorporated the new systems and organizational structure.


Delivered a comprehensive guide that ensured our sales team maintained performance during the transition.  Shortened the learning curve of new hires.   Improved sales in previously underperforming areas by instituting their peer’s best practices.