International Website.

International Website



A professional and engaging internet presence was one of the most important elements of our strategic communications plan.  Without it, we could not effectively launch the brand in North America.  The existing website was non-engaging, outdated, had a difficult UI and did not support the new brand strategy.   First, we had to change the company paradigms regarding website development, the importance of UI and how to engage consumers.  Then, we had to develop a professional website that promoted the brand, engaged each visitor, provided all the information expected of a consumer products company, improved customer service, had an easy UI, and could be used globally.   The site also needed a robust and intuitive content management system (CMS) that would support all the international sites.


Extensive research was conducted.  We reviewed world-class brands for best-practices regarding engaging the customer and promoting the brand online.  We reviewed competitive websites locally and globally.   All the international Hisense websites, which were each different at the time, were reviewed for content needs.  Input was received from the teams across the globe covering all functional areas (sales, service, marketing, R&D, quality, IT, etc.).  We held extensive discussions with agencies and marketing firms regarding best practices.  And, we reviewed several studies regarding the shopping process to ensure key purchase decision information was presented in the proper order.  From this, wireframes were developed and then reviewed by all stakeholders.  Once agreement was reached, we collected all the assets, developed CMS processes and designed and built a new website and CMS.  We teamed up with our agency of record, Pivot+Levy, and our internal designer to create the sites.


Developed and launched a new website that was easy-to-use and met all content and product presentation requirements.   The new site was engaging, vibrant, communicated the new brand look, and reflected the brand image we wanted to project.  It was now in alignment with our strategy of moving from an OEM to a top tier brand.  There were robust and comprehensive sections including detailed product information, about us, why buy, news, careers and service.  The site design was extendable for future growth to support future products and services.  It was launched in the United States first, then in Canada and Australia, and is being implemented internationally.


The site enhanced the brand image, the UI experience was engaging, a deeper connection between the visitor and the brand was created, and the site helped sell our brand and products.  Our retailers, the media, customers and other stakeholders could easily engage with our brand and see that we were committed to our new brand strategy.   Additionally, we finally had a CMS that supported all international branches and a website design that worked globally, thus allowing for consistent messaging worldwide.