Mobile Sales Office.

Mobile Sales Office

Branding, Merchandising, Promotions, Sales Support, Tradeshows


Lead cross-functional team, consisting of external agencies (IDEO, Draft and Mobile Media) and internal members from our product development, engineering and sales teams in the design and production of our Gearbox Mobile Sales Office.    We started with a Fleetwood Gearbox and redesigned it to be a fully-functional Mobile Sales Office.


Generate awareness, facilitate membership sales & enhance brand equity.


The Gearbox was to serve as a mobile sales office where franchisees could bring the Fleetwood Vacation Club experience to trade shows, fairs, events such as NASCAR, and campgrounds to generate awareness of Fleetwood Vacation Club.

The Gearbox Mobile Sales Office was designed as an extension of the Fleetwood Vacation Club brand.  Marketing elements in this Mobile Sales Office included:

• Two Roto signs (scrolling signs) – Included inspirational copy and images to support the Fleetwood Vacation Club brand. The Roto signs were located on the inside wall of the Gearbox Mobile Sales Office.

• Widescreen TV – Played the Informational DVD.  The TV was located inside the Gearbox Mobile Sales Office facing traffic as they enter.

• LED Sign – Communicated electronic messages to traffic walking by the Gearbox Mobile Sales Office.

• Interactive Kiosks – Played the Informational DVD, so traffic could learn more about Fleetwood Vacation Club.